Thursday, March 7, 2013

Meet the Author

Last year my class skyped with two fabulous authors Laural Snyder            and Katie Messner
This year I wanted to continue meeting authors via skype.  I contacted Jody Feldman author of The Gollywhopper Games 
Again this year this was a great experience ( the school librarians even stopped by)

She told the students that she became interested in writing books as a volunteer in her daughter's school.  Both Laural Snyder and Jody Feldman told the students that it is very important to read and write.  It is also ok to stop on a story for awhile and then come back to it later.  They told the students to save their writings and draft books because some day they my go back to them for inspiration. They showed the students their studios and talked about their jobs as writers.

Students listening to Jody Feldman talk about being an author.

Thank you Jody
I am waiting for The Gollywhopper Games 2 and 3!

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