Thursday, February 7, 2013

Engaging Students in Science

Last year about this time we started our science unit on the solar system, now this is not my favorite subject, (as teachers we all have units that we prefer over others).  So I turned to one of my favorite places for help  yes I have become a Pinterest addict. Here is an activity that I found, it is a great hands on learning experience for my students to help engage them in science.

Phases of the Moon

Dawson and Dillon started by coloring a globe to represent the earth

Then came more coloring and planning as we added the sun

Then it was time for the cookies, with a few extra for eating of course!

We had been working on identifying the moons phases.

Then it was time to label the phases, not the easiest task.

So proud of our work and is that a cookie in your mouth?
Finished project!

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