Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs,  the room is crawling with Bugs!
Investigations, Inquiry, Insects, these are all words we are using in science.

Why would we start the year investigating milkweed plants?
Because monarch caterpillars LOVE it.

Insect vocabulary
  • exoskeleton
  • antennae
  • pupa
  • chrysalis
  • thorax
  • metamorphosis
  • nymph
  • phermones
  • abdomen
  • larva
  • camouflage         
We were busy writing in our science notebooks which is what all good scientists do.   

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

                          Welcome Back!
It's great to be back at school with a room full of eager to learn students.  As I begin my 20th year of teaching (wow) I am excited about all of the opportunities that lie ahead.  All veteran teachers often think about the changes in education.  Technology is the biggest change for me and last year I dove right in.  This year I have a SMARTBoard and I continue to learn many fascinating things on twitter.  My class has already asked about skyping which we will start soon.  Thanks students for a fabulous first day.