Saturday, May 12, 2012

We Met an Author !
Laurel Snyder

On Friday my class skyped with the author of Any Which Wall.  This book is particularly interesting because it starts out on a hot summer day in a corn field in Iowa.   A group of children find a mysterious wall and soon the adventures begin.  With this in mind we decided to ask the author for a skype interview.

Laurel started by introducing us to her pets and her dog even did a trick.
She then told the students that she started writing when she was in 3rd grade and about her childhood friend Susan, who is a character in Any Which Wall.
She told them that she had to send her first book to 49 editors before it was accepted, and that when they write they have to write and rewrite.  She also showed them her special writing area.  She informed them that she does a lot of research while writing her books, because the historical facts have to be correct.
Skyping with author Laural Snyder 

Everyone enjoyed this author skype, "That was so fun," was the comment when we reluctantly had to say good-bye.  Some of the students shared illustrations for Any Which Wall that they had made.
Thank you Laurel for inspiring us to read, write, and draw.   She also told us about the Penny Dreadful bookclub

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